Thermal Blinds

Choosing to install thermal blinds is a perfect way to save energy and add to your home décor. By blocking out drafts in the winter and reflecting the sun in the summer thermal blinds help reduce your homes energy use. Heat loss in the winter can account for 50% of your homes heating cost. This is specifically helpful if the windows and doors are in need of replacement but you have a smaller budget for home improvements. They are also great in the summer months by blocking the harmful rays of the sun. This helps to protect furniture and other home accents from sun damage and fading; in return your rooms stay a more comfortable temperature year round.

There are many varieties and styles of thermal blinds available. They are constructed from layers of material pressed around a foil that reflects heat. It is this that helps to block out the sunlight and heat of the summer and block the drafts in the winter months. While each one contains a foil core there are many materials that can make the outside layers of each slat. They can be made from layers of wood, vinyl or even cloth material. With all of the choices of materials and colors available the options for your home décor are almost limitless. This makes thermal blinds an option for just about everyone to save money and energy.

Thermal Blinds for Energy Efficiency

Since thermal blinds are installed directly against a window they are considered the most energy efficient type of window treatment. However, there are other types of thermal window treatments available. A few of these are thermal curtains, insulated blinds and thermal roman shades. These are typically less expensive than thermal blinds but you may not get the same energy savings. Each type of window treatment has its advantages; the final decision depends on what will work the best in your home.

Do you live in a congested area or an area with a lot of outside noise or traffic? Thermal blinds can also help to block out annoying noise from outside your home or apartment. They help block these irritating noises the same way it does the sun or wind; being constructed with thick material that forms a buffer between inside and out.

Thermal Blinds Common Questions

Q: Do thermal blinds really help save on air conditioning costs in the summer? I live where it is extremely hot in the summer and am looking for ways to save on my electric bill.

A: If you keep the thermal blinds closed during the day, they can help reduce energy consumption. They help to block the sun and heat, in return the air conditioning may not have to run as much as if you only had regular blinds. Also, if the temperature drops at night, you can open the blinds and windows to let fresh air flow through.

Q: What is the best way to clean thermal blinds?

A: Typically dusting and light vacuuming is the best way to keep your thermal blinds clean. If you do this on a regular basis it will keep your blinds looking their best.

Q: I found a hole in one of my thermal blinds, should I try to repair it or just get a new blind?

A:  It really depends on the size of the hole or tear. For a small size hole or tear you can probably fix it yourself, with the right materials. For larger holes you may need to replace it or contact a professional and have them repair it. It will probably come down to the price of the repair compared to the cost to replace the damaged one.

Q: I want to repair the hole in the blind myself, what are the materials needed and the steps to do it?

A: For a small hole or tear you can use strong thread and a needle to sew it back together. Use small stitches to avoid light being able to come through. Also, if you find that any of the reflective backing has come loose you can sew that back on. Now, if the hole or tear is too large to sew back together and you still want to try and fix it, you can patch it with thermal reflective tape. This approach can cost less than having a professional repair it or replace it.

Q: I like my thermal blinds but I feel like I want to add a little more style to my windows, will it look alright to add curtains?

A: You can certainly install curtains with your thermal blinds. Just be sure to have the curtain rod extend past the blinds to have them look the best. A decorative curtain rod and curtains of your choice can be a great way to accent your windows and keeping the thermal blinds helps block out the sun.

Q: I am looking to purchase thermal blinds, are there other benefits besides blocking the sun?

A: Yes, other benefits of thermal blinds include, blocking drafts in the winter months, so they can help with energy savings year round, especially on older windows. Thermal blinds can also act as a buffer to outside noise. They are constructed with a thick material that can help reduce noise from the outside.

Thank you for reading this article. We hope that it helps you make an informed purchasing decision. Any questions? Please contact us and we will be happy to assist you on purchasing the best thermal blinds.

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